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The Legendary Stompers have long been recognized for their raucous live show
kept alive for four decades by a spirited legion of dedicated fans.

The band played their first live show in 1977. Their music appears in the John Sayles film
Return of the Secaucus Seven, the cult classic Fraternity Vacation and Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups & Grown Ups 2

Their radio hits include “Never Tell an Angel”, from their 1983 LP on Boardwalk records,
along with “American Fun”, “Coast to Coast”, “Rock, Jump & Holler”, “Eastside Girl” and “One Heart for Sale” from the 1984 Polygram LP.

The Stompers mission was always to lift the spirit, shake the body and spread the mighty jubilation that is rock n roll.
The band kept that tradition alive and kicking for over four decades,
delivering the whole barn burnin’ roof raisin’ foot stompin’ rock n roll church
to sellout audiences everywhere.
On November 27, 2021 The Stompers played their final show.

Together we have lived our collective rock n roll dream for real.

Thank you for being such an important part of ours.
Time for all of us to dream again...




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SaturnalienS is the third full length record from The Amplifier Heads.
Their first for Rum Bar Records.
A rock n’ roll rocket ride into space, madness, fantasy and the vinyl frontier. A graphic novel for the ears and head. 12 tracks full of distortion, feedback, groovy swinging beats and pure pop melodies.

Amplifiers lose their heads, young dolls get turned out to the street, rock n’ roll is the pain reliever used intravenously via a phonograph stylus while fueled up rocket boys go wild and earth girls wreak havoc. Sullivan, Shindig, Hullabaloo are back in black and white, peppermint Candi in GlamOramic gold lamé dances to The Satellite Stars and in some basement room a drummer counts to 4.
The past is always present and no one down below can bother you when you are on the moon.


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A Film by Mark Steele





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