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Fifty Arrested in Riot At Boston Rock Concert

New York Times – April 25,1982

A riot erupted at a Boston University rock concert today and about 100 police officers broke up a crowd of almost 600 people, arresting 50.

The police said the disturbance broke out at a block party near several dormitories when officers went on stage to end the performance of The Stompers, a popular rock band, because of noise complaints.

The crowd became unruly and began throwing bottles, the authorities said. The police issued a riot call and about 100 officers, some with mace, were called in to disperse the crowd, the authorities said. There were no serious injuries, but witnesses said the police used excessive force.

The arrested persons were charged with disorderly conduct and the soundman for the rock group was charged with inciting to riot, said Lieut. John McLean of the Boston Police.