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You guys were awesome last night. My first time seeing you since the 80s. Better than ever!!!...Kenny W, September 2019

Fantastic show as always and Temptation was epic!...Tom F, September 2019

Great show last night Sal was on fire…Jim M, September 2019

Phenomenal show by The Stompers last night, they rocked the Blue Ocean!! I fly out from California every year for their show, fan since early 80’s-LOVE THIS BAND!!! Have such a good time at their shows-THANK YOU STOMPERS FOR THE GIFT OF YOUR MUSIC ALL THESE YEARS, KEEP IT ROCKING!!!!...David M, June 2019

American fun at its best! The boys of summer did not disappoint!...Darlene M, June 2019

To anyone who is starting to feel a bit old, I highly recommend seeing The Stompers live. Sal and the band will take you on a journey through the days of your youth. Truly the “Viagra” of Rock ‘n’ Roll. As always an outstanding show!!...David A, June 2019


Another outstanding show tonight at the Bull Run. It's amazing how The Stompers keep getting better and better. You guys really rocked tonight. Cant wait to see you again at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in June. Thank you for a great night and have a Merry Christmas…Ray M, November 2018

Once again Stompers never fail to entertain.. Great show guys…Steven F, November 2018

Such an uplifting experience. Pure fun for the soul. Everyone should get some Stompers rock n roll in their lifetime! See ya next year!...Elaine B, November 2018

41 years STRONG and still giving it back to the fans. So many blessings on this Rock and Roll journey. I feel so blessed to get the same feeling last night as I did 40 years ago when I slipped into the back door of The Channel. Thanks for a great night!...John P, November 2018

It felt like we were back in 84'. My wife and I brought the 2nd generation of Stompers fans to the show and our 2 sons loved it, too! If there were only 1 defining characteristic to describe you cats, it would be that it's crystal clear how much you still love to perform for your fans. We really had a blast and you haven't lost a step. And Foxy killed it too! God Bless, gents…Bob K, November 2018

THANK YOU STOMPERS FOR A GREAT SHOW!! Was another awesome display of your musical gifts! Been going to your shows since the early 80’s and allways have a great time. Have been flying in from California for several years for the shows at Blue Ocean Music Hall and will continue as long as you keep playing. Keep it rockin East Boston’s finest!!...David M, June 2018

Happy 40 1/2 Anniversary to the Stompers. Great show and incredible music last night at the Blue Ocean in Salisbury Beach...Pamela S, June 2018

Thank you for another memorable night! You guys never cease to amaze me!! Such a great time!!...Gwynne G, June 2018

You were on fire Friday night. The same energy you had back in 1983. We had a freakin blast, gents. Cant wait until The Bull Run on the 24th of November. Loved you guys then, love you now. Keep on rockin!...Bobby & Cathy K June 2018

Once again a great show last night. The Stompers keep getting better and better!!...Ray M, June 2018


Thanx for a night of NON-STOP rock & roll that brought us back to when things were a lot simpler and all that mattered was friends, girls, our cars, and great music that tied it all together. “We were there”, and you guys have been there for 40 years making memories. You keep playing and we’ll keep coming, that’s a promise !!!...Damian S, November 2017

Thank You guys for rockin us out once again. Great show! Ain't those Cats the most?...Ron G, November 2017

OMG! The guys can still rock the house. Non-stop Rock and Roll fun. Thanks for so many years of listening pleasure...John P, April 2017

You guys rawked!!! Thank you for such a great show!! Amazing energy!!!...Kathryn, April 2017


I was there!! A fan and friend of the band since the seventies. Came all the way up from Key West to see Sal and the band rock out at the Blue Ocean Music Hall on Saturday night. They did not disappoint, great show...Brian F, June 2016

I was there!!!!! Last night was one great great show. The Stompers rocked big time and I can not wait to see them again. I WAS THERE!!!!...Ray M, June 2016

Our first show!!! What the hell is the matter with me!! You guys rocked it!!...Mike P, June 2016

I was there..and will be as long as you are! Most amazing group of musicians ever! Love you guys!!...MaryAnn W, June 2016

39 years and STILL the best band in Boston...John M, June 2016

Such a great night on so many levels, what a perfect way to kick off the Legends Series! You guys are such pros and are so loved by so many, we might have to do this again some time!...Sean M, January 2016

A rocking, memorable night, like we have all had some many of with the Stompers over the years...Bill E, January 2016

I'm still on cloud 9 from all the energy in that room Friday night. It's something I will never forget! Everybody in there having just as much fun as me, and to watch Governor Baker Rockin' & Rollin' with ALL of us there, was simply AWESOME!!!! There's no fan like a Stompers fan! I'm so glad that I was a part of that and I can say that.... I WAS THERE!...Beth H, January 2016

Wow! Those Cats really rocked the the House at Johnny D's. Great Show!...Ron G, January 2016


Totally amazing show last night at the Bull Run. Sal and the gang were great and everyone had an awesome time. Cant wait to see you guys again....Ray M, November 2015

Happy 38th Aniversary! Last nites show was awesome. Sal and the boys did a great job. Dave all the way from cali!! Rock on...Bill D, November 2015

I'm gonna be saying this for days to come....THAT SHOW WAS AMAZING! One of, if not THE BEST, I've seen/heard. The energy in that room last night blew me away! It was a blast...thank you all for such a GREAT time/show! I love you guys!..Beth H, June 2015

From start to finish you guys gave it all last night. What a blast. We'll see you in November at the BULL RUN. From the girl's at the old COMPASS Lounge...Dianne M, June 2015

Thanks For an incredible night STOMPERS! You guys still know how to ROCK IT! You are amazing!!...Gwynne G, June 2015

Haven't seen you guys in about 25 years and the sound is better than ever. Even after all these years, The Stompers are still my all time favorite band!!!...Arthur W, May 2015


The best live show Ive experienced in a long time. Spot on, and then some....Lou S, November 2014

That was one of THE BEST shows.....from Steve, and then, The Woodpeckers opening up the show.....AWESOME!!! Had so much fun & of course....danced my ass off!!!!! Thanks guys!...Beth H, November 2014

Thank you everyone for a great show, from Steve G to the Woodpeckers and The full Stompers crew. You guys are the best. Keep on keeping on, we love what you do for us. Until next time, God Bless and keep rocking!!!!...Michael S, November 2014

It's been about 25 years now since I first saw the Stompers in Nashua way back in college - you guys don't skip a beat! Amazing performance tonight in the rain - thank you for a fabulous show, for sharing your talent for over a quarter of a century, for playing Eastside Girl, my favorite sing evahh and for reminding us how important it is to rock jump and holler! Wow just incredible!...Sharyn H, September 2014

Had a BLAST...as usual...dancin' in the streets and the heat!!!!! Awesome show!!!...Beth H, September 2014

I'm not a musician myself, but worked with bands years ago so know how tough living the life can be. This was 1st time seeing you for me- all I can say is really hot, tight group of performers, had a great time - Fantastic show!!!!!! Bob N, July 2014

Thanks for another memorable evening of rock n roll for the soul music!!...30+ years of seeing you guys play...until the next show...peace!...Ben A, July 2014

What a way to kick off the summer of 2014! Awesome show boys... Thank You! Donnie G, July2014


Starting following the band after seeing them perform (I think it was '78) at Dartmouth College when Sal, Dave, Stephen and Cooch totally stole the show from Southside Johnny. Can't believe it's 35 years later...and still the Stompers deliver. The show on Saturday night in Salisbury was incredible! The band sounded great, the song selection was amazing, and the audience was pumped! Easily the best Stompers performance I've ever seen, and that's a LOT of shows! The trip from NJ was SOOO worth it! Thanks guys. See you again soon!...Michael G, July 2013

Thank you, awesome show on Saturday, energy was incredible. First exposure to the Stompers, was at Westfield State Spring Weekends in the early 80's. Also saw them in a road house in the middle of a cornfield in Southwick, MA. Saturday night brought me back but also kicked me back to today. These cats are the most. Looking forward to Tupelo...Brian N, July 2013

Saturday nights show at Blue Ocean Music Hall has to go down as one of the BEST EVER Stompers shows in 35 years! What an awesome venue for the best rock and roll band ever!...Donnie G, July 2013

You all put on a show that will be hard to beat up there at Blue Ocean and the roof that was blown off was partly our fault too. I had a great time, thank you Stompers, Bubba et all. Tons of fun, old school style…Mik M, July 2013

I got on this train when a Biplane flew over Seagull Beach in South Yarmouth in 1982 that you guys were playing at The Compass Lounge. I've been a fan ever since and you guys haven't lost a thing. Keep on rocking. Thanks for a tremendous time last night…Mike A, July 2013

Awesome show! Memories of the Casino, Swifts, The Rusty Nail. I can’t remember the band sounding so good…Gerry D, July 2013

It was an awesome show! You guys still got it after 35 years…Bob B, March 2013

You just better believe... this is rock n roll. Thank YOU!...Judy M, March 2013


It's not often you get an opportunity to relive the music of your younger days, played by the same guys, done even better today than ever. We did just that last night, celebrating 35 years of togetherness with about 300 of our new friends. Sal and the boys were fantastic last night. This IS Rock & Roll!...Brian K, November 2012

AWESOME show Friday night at Blue Ocean Music Hall! My boy's (13 and 15) loved it! Great venue and as Sal said during the show, this is the place for The Stompers now. This show brought me back to the great days of The Channel. Your timeless Rock & Roll will be part of me forever! Keep on rockin boys! We'll always be there...Donnie, July 2012

Sal, the fact that you and the band are still together and making music with the same energy and passion as you did 30+ years ago is a wonder and a blessing. Your music has touched and entertained so many people and has become part of who we are. You guys have been and always will be the "Best of Boston". Thanks for a great, great show...John M, July 2012

Never saw you live until last night... freakin' awesome and I sooooo regret not seeing you in concert until now! I've missed out on years of great energy and a super time. Thank you for signing my fiance's ticket stub from 1984. He was so excited! Yours was the first concert he ever attended...Jessica, July 2012

Thanks for another great show. The first time I saw you perform you were at University of Lowell in 1982. I fell in love with you then and I still follow you guys. All through college I would follow you on the weekends to wherever you played. Thank you for 30 years of great entertainment and many more to come...Ann, July 2012

AS always i left the show and wanted to pick up a guitar and jammm!!!-Thanks so much to the Blue Ocean Music hall for bringing back the Heart of BOSTON ROCK to The BEACH !!!!!!!!!!-Chopper and Kathy, July 2012

Like I said last night, I felt like I was at the Channel in 1981. You guys put more heart and soul into that show than I thought possible. Keep rockin'!...Kenny, July 2012

Followed on COZ for years! 2nd row at Tupelo last month & my ears rang for two days! Rock on guys...Jim T, May 2012


Yes, I was on the boat. I hate to disagree with you Sal, but the greatest sound in the world is not the sound of cheers and applause...it’s the magical sound that comes from the guys and the music of the Stompers! Words can’t thank you enough for the smiles and joy that you bring to all of us…Peter, July 2011

We were at the show last night and just wanted to thank you for such an awesome performance. My wife and I have seen you and the Fools many times, and last night we brought our 20 year old son and his girlfriend for the first time. They were blown away at how good you guys were. Thanks again for the powerful performance. We always appreciate it...Bill and Lisa, July 2011


What a great night of good tiimes and American Fun at the Bull Run! It went by way too fast, but we are all ready to do it again soon. I still remember the first time we saw The Stompers. You opened for "Orleans" at Salem State College (in the late 70's). We left that show saying "who was that opening act...they were awesome!" After that we began following you guys everywhere, and we haven't stopped yet!
A great big thank you from the Devereux Beach gang...Donnie, November 2010

All it took was a few notes and I seemed to be 30 years younger! Sal sounded great, Steve was rocking that bass and Dave even danced! Thank you for 33 years of American Fun...Leanne, November 2010

Love you guys! What a great night! You brought us all back to our early years again. What a blast - As long as you guys play - your loyal fans will be there, even if its 30 years from now and we are all using walkers to get around...Dianne, November 2010

Just got home from seeing you at the Bull Run. What a WONDERFUL time it was! You guys still know how to make the room jump! Words cannot accurately describe the fabulous performance tonight. It was just good old fashioned "American Fun". Thank you again for a wonderful evening...Jannice, November 2010

I have been to quite a few of your shows over the years, but not in a long time. You guys haven't lost a thing. It was a good time way back when, and it was just as much fun last night...Bennie, November 2010

Good god I cant believe you are still around. The rat,channel paradise all of it I remember like yesterday. If you guys were playing, we were there. You were a huge part of my entire group when we were in early twenties. Found you all on you tube, and passed it on. All the old songs still sound great. Hope you all are well, you really made some happy times for us... Greg, September 2010

I grew up in Hadley, MA, which is right next to Sunderland, MA. where you used to play at the Rusty Nail. My brother's house is actually right on top of where that Bar the "Nail" was located (remember it burned down). My brother has a big poster of you guys in the Garage to this day!!! I still have a cassette tape that I made off an album. I played it for my niece and she loved it, ya,ya, ya, ya.....ain't them cats the most!! Just fun, awesome songs! I too was watching the movie Grown Ups and I heard the Stompers. I WENT CRAZY IN MY SEAT! My boyfriend had no clue...he is from CT. I was just singing and not wanting to leave the movie theatre... it was soooooooooo great. It is a family memory going to see The Stompers! I have 5 brothers and 6 sisters…yes one of 12! I grew up on a tobacco and dairy farm where sports, farming and listening to music is the way of life! :) So the Sox, The Stompers, and farming, just very important to us. We still all tell stories about the times at The Rusty Nail. I was under 18, sneaking in with my sisters!!! Soooooooo much fun!!!!...A. Kelley September, 2010

I saw the Stompers dozens of times at Grovers in Beverly (now the Wild Horse) and at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Without a doubt they are the greatest “rock and roll” band of all time. My brother and I have always maintained that if we had tickets to the Rolling Stones and The Stompers for the same night there would be no question who we would see. Thanks for all the great shows...Keith, September 2010

So I'm watching Grown Ups with my wife in Fresno, California. I'm a Massachusetts transplant since 1984, but still a New Englander at heart. I start automatically singing along to the words of the second to last song (American Fun -- a song I may not have heard for 20 years) and suddenly my eyes shot open. Holy crap!! That's The Stompers!! I tried to explain what it was like seeing you guys live in the 80's and how I associate your music with my late-teen's beach romps all over New England with my best friend. She smiled politely. But like most great memories, you had to be there. So then I'm going on YouTube playing your tunes one after the other. I bought Stompilation online and got it today. It's been looping in my office ever since. "Heart for Sale" is on now. Guys, I love your music and ask your forgiveness for having been away for so long. I am so happy to hear that you are still rockin'! Aint you cats the most!?...Mike, Fresno CA July 2010

That was a great night at the Lucky Dog.
Opening with "Do It Again" was awesome!...Bill, June 2010

Great show!!!...Joey D, Long Island NY June 2010

Another great Stompers performance! See in you Foxboro...Brian, June 2010

Hey guys. I have been a fan of The Stompers since the mid 80's. I used to go to any show I could from Cape Cod to Beverly. I was front row when you played with the Beach Boys and Michael McDonald at what I think was called the Manning Bowl. I still listen to your record (yes, record) these days and the songs bring me back to a great time in my life and some great memories. I just wanted to say thank you for giving us some awesome music over the years...Dan, February 2010


All I can say is... Unbelievable! Saturday nights show at the Tupelo Music Hall was GREAT! I hope you guys know how much you mean to us, and have for 30 years! All of the memories came flooding back last night, just like they do every time we see you. We saw it all... good and bad, but mostly GREAT! The Channel, Jonathans (Salem), Uncle Sam's, Jaspers, The Paradise, The Rat, Johathan Swifts, Grovers, Compass Lounge, our home town (Marblehead), and so many more that the list goes on forever!
So here we are after 32 years...
I brought my 2 boys (they are 10 and 12) to their first Stompers show and they loved it. They will be talking about it for a long time...a new generation of fans in the making!
We had several newcomers too. Every single one was blown away by the blistering, non-stop set, the energetic stage presence, and the way the audience becomes a part of the show. The whole room somehow becomes "one".
You are way more than a Rock and Roll band. You are, and always will be, a huge part of our lives. The Stompers, the words and the music will be a part of us forever. Keep on Rockin boys! See you soon…Donnie, November 2009

Standing at the edge of the stage in the wee hours of the morning, ears ringing so loud that you can’t hear the person next to you, voice hoarse from singing at the top of your lungs for two hours, physically drained but pounding on the stage wanting more, already looking forward to next weekend’s show wherever it may be. It doesn’t matter where, you’re there. The energy and enthusiasm of the band drive your alcohol and testosterone-laced twenty-something body to the edge and back, and you love it.
Some thirty years on, we’re wider, grayer and wondering how this 20 year old got trapped in this 50-year-old body. The days of great FM radio and LP’s have long since passed. Yet, the passion still remains.
Stompers shows now are more like family reunions. We don’t get together as much as we used to, or as we’d like, but we savor the opportunities to see each other again. When Sal steps up to the mic and hits that first chord, all is right with the world. That sliver of our youth still exists and we revel in it. Memories of shows at The Channel, Uncle Sam’s, The Cinema Lounge, The Paradise and many other venues too numerous to mention, come rushing back and it makes us smile. Friends we miss and ones we’re still lucky enough to be with helped make those memories one of our most treasured possessions.
The Stompers are a family, with bonds that get stronger as each year passes. We hope that the band knows just how much we appreciate and love them for all they have given us, and that as long as they keep playing, we’ll be there. Thank you Sal, Dave, Steve, Cooch, Lenny and Jeremy for 30+ years of great music, great friends and great memories. May there be many more...Mitch, November 2009

First of all...Stompers rule.
So, I just found you on YouTube, and after 25 YEARS, I just listened to the Stompers again. I can't even describe how fast I was beamed back down memory lane...head rush... and I am back at Hampton Beach or a Boston club, or BU, grinding my way to the front, pressed up against the stage just to watch "my boys" sing and play for, say, the hundreth time.
Here I am now, married, greying, wearing readers and blasting The Stompers on my pc, singing as loud as I can and laughing while I'm singing, because the memories of you and your music and the fun of those days is as fresh and pure as if it were right now. Boston in those days was magic. Hot summer nights, the concerts, the boat cruises, The Stompers...You brought such joy to so many, and I'm glad I found you again, dear Friends, and your music. The Ole Mare may be grey, but she's still rockin'--and what better way than to The Stompers.
Boys, thanks for the awesome memories. Peace and Love...Alicia in FL, April 2009


Saturday Night....what more can I say... Sal you and the boys have taken the moniker you gave me...Keeper of the Rock and Roll Flame... The hell with one night... more more more.... the horns and the Stomperettes love them.....Saint Al, July 2008

Just got back to Mass after one hell of a weekend with six of my old 'Stomping buddies' who got furloughed from our families and were allowed to see Boston's Best "The Stompers" at the Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach. All I can say is what a show! Waited a long time for this. Sal, Lenny, Steve and Dave you guys haven't lost a beat. The entire 2000 plus fans were rocked out and rocked on. The night ended way too early but everyone enjoyed every second of The Stompers re-union. Thanks for the meet and greet and the autographs. Hope your planning already for the 'next time'. Hey, how much longer do we have, lets rock n roll ! Wish you guys good health and thanks for the best night of Rock and Roll we've seen in a long time. You made us proud to be from Boston. Rock, Jump and Holler and Long live Sal and the Stompers. You remain the Best! July 2008

I just returned from tonight's show at the Hampton Beach Casino. I hadn't seen you perform since the early 80s and had to come to this show. Great energy - great music ;-) You guys were incredible! …….Mary, July 2008

I just got home from the show at club casino!! It brought back all the great memories of "following" The Stompers. I still remember my first time seeing them at the Cinema Lounge in Leominster. I thought tonights show was great but I think they had it wrong and the Fools should have opened for the Stompers! I also thought everyone looked great and like they were having fun!!! I just wonder how did we all get this old?? …..Terri, July 2008

The show was awesome!! Stompermania was alive and well. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say Hi. The meet and greet was lined up with people. The most people I've experienced so far. I did manage 35 secs and spoke with Steve Gilligan. He was trying to speak to three different people at the same time. I did manage to get his autograph. The Band seemed like they had a great time too! Hope the web site stays up. I've sent emails out to old friends to check it out & I've enjoyed reading the old reviews.
Keep up the good work.
Best Wishes to all and thanks again.....Jim and Marie, July 2008

WOW!!! You guys put on an AMAZING show. We have seen the Fools before, but it was our first time to see you guys. Keep it up and come back to the Casino every year. We will be there. Thank you for your high energy perfomance. You guys rock!
Bill and Lisa, July 2008

Thanks for another fabulous night of Rock!!! It was great to see you guys "live" again! You blew the place away. We were in section with a bunch of "youngins" - under 21. They loved you too! You won another generation of fans. By the 3rd song they were on their feet with the rest of us.
We may have all aged - but man- you guys still played on high energy! You let them rip one after another. If only it could have been longer... it went by too fast.
Yes Sal -- you are all ROCK & ROLL - and we love you for it!! Thank you!! July, 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeah.........ohh yeah yeah yeah
It has been too long a time but it was well worth the wait. Sal you nailed it ! Dave, Steve and Lenny fantastic! The energy inside the casino was simply electrifying and amazing and the sound
was crystal clear. I can't recall the last time I heard a thousand people sing a song from just one note from Sals guitar. Raise your glasses and give them a toast, The Stompers brought
back real rock and roll. Thanks for the memories guys, you gave your faithful followers everything that we expected, and more…..D. O’Malley, July 2008

Sal: I would like to thank you for making my birthday party Saturday night @ Club Casino the best! The show was fantastic! The Casino was full of happiness and energy from your music! My friends and I have seen all of your summer shows @ the Casino...we have followed the band since the 80's from clubs to booze cruises in the Boston harbor. Your music and lyrics just make us happy! You guys still sound great together and play great music! I would also like to thank you for signing my ticket stub and cd cover! You also wished me a happy birthday (you made my night as you are my favorite)....I have wanted to shake your hand many times @ the Casino and never had the opportunity! My friends and I listened to the cd on the way back to the hotel Saturday night and, of course, on our way home Sunday afternoon and it made for a fun ride home! Thanks again for a birthday that I will always remember! My friends and I (your #1 fans from Cambridge, MA) wish you and the guys all the best! Be well and hope to see The Stompers again next summer!! Rock, Jump & Holler always! July, 2008

Dear Stompers, Stompettes and Tornado Alley Horns…
I have been listening to you guys since the days of WCOZ. I have seen you perform in 3 states, zig zag across Massachusetts, but never ever felt the energy of last Saturday Night... (well maybe the night at the channel when you filmed the east side girl video)... you guys and gals were simply amazing. The added touches of the background singers and horns were huge.. The band was tight and the songs clicked... but the part I enjoyed the most.... is the fact I haven't sweat so much during a concert since the last time we were all at the Channel... It may sound crazy, but besides the ringing in the ears, the changing of t-shirt was always a memory.. (albeit an odd one).. Saturday's show is what rock and roll was and always should be.... stinging solos featuring all instruments... horns... background singers... acapella... a lead singer who can raise roof with hardly a need for a microphone and the crowd singing along with the band... the stompers discography is by far the best in the post Beatles era... and to hear the songs live with same enthusiasm was just fantastic.. keep rockin'!! ...George, July, 2008

‘Angel’ defined so much of my college years. You were one of the best things to come out of Boston , and that’s from a native New Yorker!! Thank you for the great soundtrack to my Boston college years....Joan, July 2008

THANK YOU for the show Saturday night. From the Casino, to the Compass Lounge, to the Casbah and the Paradise we have lived, laughed and LOVED THE STOMPERS!! Live your dreams for real.... Brett and Julie, July 2008